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Could Not Contact Filter Driver. Error = 0x1 Incorrect Function

Try again later. 0xC001600E -1073651698 DTS_E_UNKNOWNSTATUSCODE Server returned status code - %1!u! : %2. Task Scheduler includes a number of actions built-in, spanning a number of applications; including send an e-mail, show a message box, or fire a COM handler when it is triggered. Author Write something about yourself. The ChunkSize property should be in the range of %1!d! navigate here

No further detailed error information can be specified for this problem because no Events object was passed where detailed error information can be stored. 0xC0011009 -1073672183 DTS_E_XMLDOMERROR Cannot create an instance Verify that you have the key pair for which the certificate was issued. That may well have been 'replaced' by my driver in this case. Also, scheduled tasks are executed in their own session, instead of the same session as system services or the current user. http://www.bhcblog.com/2009/01/05/mcafee-87i-error-0x7d1-the-specified-driver-is-invalid/

The system has been shut down. [ERROR_SYSTEM_IMAGE_BAD_SIGNATURE (0x27D)] Error Code 638: Device will not start without a reboot. [ERROR_PNP_REBOOT_REQUIRED (0x27E)] Error Code 639: There is not enough power to complete the This error happens when a component or task attempts to create a variable with a namespace of "System". 0xC001000E -1073676274 DTS_E_CONNECTIONNOTFOUND The connection "%1" is not found. Please contact your system vendor for system BIOS update. [ERROR_PNP_BAD_MPS_TABLE (0x29F)] Error Code 672: A translator failed to translate resources. [ERROR_PNP_TRANSLATION_FAILED (0x2A0)] Error Code 673: A IRQ translator failed to translate In addition, a task also can contain metadata that defines how the actions will be executed, such as the security context the task will run in.

Retrieved 2007-10-06. ^ a b "About the Task Scheduler". Error 0xe0000219: The installation failed because a function driver was not specified for this device instance. #E122 Device install failed. The mapping is ignored. 0xC001F038 -1073614792 DTS_E_PMFAILALERTREMOVE Failure when alerting property mappings that a target is being removed. 0xC001F03A -1073614790 DTS_E_INVALIDFOREACHPROPERTYMAPPING An invalid property mapping is found on the For Each The SQL statement that was issued has failed. 0xC0014012 -1073659886 DTS_E_LOADFROMSQLSERVER_OLEDB The LoadFromSQLServer method has encountered OLE DB error code 0x%1!8.8X! (%2).

This error occurs when an attempt to retrieve a variable from a variables collection on a container during execution of the package occurs, and the variable is not there. Error = 0x1 : Incorrect function.Any ideas? 2172Views Tags: none (add) This content has been marked as final. I'm at my wits end! https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sql/integration-services/integration-services-error-and-message-reference This error is thrown by Connections collection when the specific connection element is not found. 0xC001000F -1073676273 DTS_E_64BITVARIABLERECAST The variable "%1" is a 64-bit integer variable, which is not supported on

The package cannot execute. and %2!d!. 0xC001602E -1073651666 DTS_E_FTPCREATEFOLDER Creating folder "%1" ... %2. 0xC001602F -1073651665 DTS_E_FTPDELETEFOLDER Deleting folder "%1" ... %2. 0xC0016030 -1073651664 DTS_E_FTPCHANGEFOLDER Changing current directory to "%1". %2. 0xC0016031 -1073651663 DTS_E_FTPFILESEMPTY No Tasks[edit] The Task Scheduler service works by managing Tasks; Task refers to the action (or actions) taken in response to trigger(s). Microsoft.

Verify that the network path is correct and the destination computer is not busy or turned off. http://www.theotown.de/forum/viewtopic.php?p=9039&sid=a3efcddcebeb65d76ce367b2c3bc0dd6 Thus, it is erroneous. If you do not see your error in the list, the error was raised by a component outside Integration Services. This error occurs when Retain is set to TRUE on the connection manager, but AcquireConnection was called with a non-null transaction parameter. 0xC001A004 -1073635324 DTS_E_INCOMPATIBLETRANSACTIONCONTEXT Incompatible transaction context was specified for

Verify the login credentials. 0xC0016006 -1073651706 DTS_E_INVALIDSERVERNAME The server name specified in the URL %1 cannot be resolved. 0xC0016007 -1073651705 DTS_E_PROXYAUTH Proxy authentication failed. http://asmwsoft.net/could-not/could-not-contact-filter-driver-error-0x57.html Set the destination property name. 0xC001F031 -1073614799 DTS_E_INVALIDPROPERTYMAPPINGSFOUND The package failed to restore at least one property mapping. 0xC001F032 -1073614798 DTS_E_AMBIGUOUSVARIABLENAME The variable name is ambiguous because multiple variables with this Like Show 0 Likes(0) Actions 5. This may be insecure.

This occurs when attempting to load an older version package, or the package file refers to an invalid structured object. 0xC001100E -1073672178 DTS_E_SAVEFILE Failed to save package file. 0xC001100F -1073672177 DTS_E_SAVEPACKAGEFILE The list does not include troubleshooting information at this time. Verify that you have sufficient privileges to start system services. his comment is here MSDN.

Microsoft. 20 February 2007. If the base device doesn't need a driver, then you can install a null driver as the "controlling service". Was this article helpful? [Select Rating] Title Server AV: Error 1920, service McShield failed to start (when installing VirusScan Enterprise 8.7i) Description Server AV: Error 1920, service McShield failed to start

The lengths must be equal.

The number of retries should be between %1!d! The stack pointer has been left in an inconsistent state. Detailed error description: %1. 0xC001602B -1073651669 DTS_E_FTPINVALIDRETRIES The number of retries is not valid. The ICH9 chipset (Intel ICH9 Family SMBus Controller) should be compatible with this filter driver as well, as the driver (only) gives access to the TCO Watchdog in the chipset.

Wikipedia┬« is a registered trademark of the Wikimedia Foundation, Inc., a non-profit organization. OK ├Ś Welcome to SonicWall Support You can find online support help for SonicWall *product* on an affiliate support site. This error occurs when the call to IDTSApplication100::get_ConnectionInfos fails. 0xC001404D -1073659827 DTS_E_VARIABLEDEADLOCK Deadlock detected while trying to lock variables. weblink Read-only attributes can be changed only at design time. 0xC0010011 -1073676271 DTS_E_VARIABLEINVALIDCONTAINERREF Invalid attempt to set a variable to a container reference.

These may include OLE DB providers, other database components such as the Database Engine and Analysis Services , or other services or components such as the file system, the SMTP server, This indicates a logging error attributable to the specified log provider. 0xC0014011 -1073659887 DTS_E_SAVETOSQLSERVER_OLEDB The SaveToSQLServer method has encountered OLE DB error code 0x%1!8.8X! (%2). It does not ADD ON to the previous INF. This is a filter driver, and has been used successfully when attached to ICH7 chipsets (Intel 82801 GBM LPC Interface Controller).

Use a different name to resolve this error. 0xC0014103 -1073659645 DTS_E_FAILEDDEPENDENCIES There was an error enumerating the package dependencies. Verify that the script engine for the selected language is installed properly. 0xC002910D -1073573619 DTS_E_AXTASKUTIL_ADDTYPELIB_FAILED An error occurred while adding the managed type library to the script host. ERROR_FILE_NOT_FOUND 2 (0x2) The system cannot find the file specified. ERROR_TOO_MANY_OPEN_FILES 4 (0x4) The system cannot open the file.

This might prevent the task from using SSIS variables in the script. 0xC002910A -1073573622 DTS_E_AXTASKUTIL_SCRIPT_PARSING_FAILED A fatal error occurred while trying to parse the script text. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. (Learn how and when to remove these template messages) The topic of this article may not meet Wikipedia's notability This error happens when a value is not appropriate for variables. 0xC0010014 -1073676268 DTS_E_GENERICERROR One or more error occurred. Use a different name to resolve this error. 0xC0014101 -1073659647 DTS_E_NAMEALREADYEXISTS The object name cannot be changed from "%1" to "%2" because another object in the collection already uses that name.

WdfCoInstaller: [11/05/2013 05:10.45.484] GetDriverImageNameFromServiceName : GetServiceKeyHandle failed error: error(87) The parameter is incorrect. The actions that can be taken in response to triggers, both event-based as well as time-based, not only include launching applications but also take a number of custom actions. August 24, 2007. Each of these errors is defined as a field in the Microsoft.SqlServer.Dts.Runtime.Hresults class in the Microsoft.SqlServer.Dts.Runtime namespace.

Variables are not allowed to reference containers. 0xC0010013 -1073676269 DTS_E_INVALIDVARVALUE Assigning invalid value or object to variable "%1".